Registered Design Services Sydney, Australia & International

With over thirty years experience in the patent attorney profession, our senior patent attorneys are experts in the areas of registered design application preparation, design prosecution and registered design enforcement.

Registered Designs

Registered designs are a valuable part of any IP portfolio, especially since recent important changes to the design registration system in Australia with the introduction of the new Designs Act 2003. Recent decisions under the new Designs Act indicate a much broader scope of registered design protection than under the previous legislation.

Registered designs now provide a speedy and cost-effective instrument that can be used to quickly build the commercial value of an IP portfolio and provide effective protection for a product range. At Cotters, we have over 30-years combined experience managing registered designs Australia wide and internationally. Our design registration strategy can help you build and manage a design portfolio that significantly increases your intangible asset base and gives you the power to license or sell the rights to specific product designs or product ranges.

Registered Design Services Sydney, Australia & International

Our design registration services include:

  • General advice and strategies regarding optimising your design portfolio.
  • Preparation of design applications and computer aided drawings.
  • Filing and prosecuting design applications at the Australian Designs Office.
  • Filing and prosecuting overseas design applications via the Paris Convention.
  • Advice on licensing and assigning design registrations.
  • Investigating the registrability of your designs and assessing the risk of infringement of existing design registrations.
  • All other aspects of managing registered designs Australia wide and internationally.
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