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With over thirty years experience in the patent attorney profession, our senior attorneys are experts in PCT patent applications.

What is a PCT patent?

The Patent Cooperation Treaty, commonly referred as PCT, is an international treaty allowing patent holders to secure patent protection in a large amount of countries, as opposed to filing in each country individually.

With over 151 countries as signatories to the treaty this means once your patent is approved you get broad coverage from just one patent. The team at Cotters are well versed in PCT patents and can help you navigate the application process and eligibility criteria, to ensure you get the international protection you deserve.

PCT patent application process

If you are wondering how to file a PCT patent application, the team at Cotters can assist you every step of the way, from filing a provisional patent application for protection while filing your PCT patent, to performing a PCT patent search, PCT patent filing and liasing with the patent office to ensure your application is in order and processed in a timely fashion.

PCT patent application cost

PCT patent costs can vary, depending on the complexity of the application and coverage required. At a minimum there is an international filing fee, a patent search fee, and the fee for handling your application. We can ensure a much greater return on investment from your PCT patent fees, our team are highly experienced in ensuring PCT patent applications are successful, as well as ensuring you have valid legal protection during the application process.

How to file a PCT patent application in Sydney or Australia-wide

When it comes to PCT patent filing, it’s important to ensure your application is prepared adaquately to maximise your success rate. It’s also important to ensure your application is filled out correctly and according to best practices—so you get as much legal protection for your invention as possible. The patent attorneys at Cotters have years of experience handling PCT patent applications in Sydney, call today for a free initial consultation to discuss your next steps.

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Please contact Cotters to discuss how we can help you file a PCT patent for international patent protection.

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