Patent Attorney Services

With over thirty years experience in the patent attorney profession, our senior patent attorneys are experts in the areas of patent drafting, patent prosecution and patent enforcement.


A well managed patent portfolio is a very powerful commercial tool that can be used to increase the value of your business and secure commercial monopolies over your inventions. Protecting your inventions with robust patent applications is the first step in building a valuable patent protfolio.

Patent matters can be complex, and it is important to work with a patent attorney who understands both your technology and your business objectives. Our patent attorneys have wide ranging technical experience and will take the time to understand what you need to achieve and guide you through the process of obtaining meaningful patent protection.

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By understanding your technology we can propose a complete strategy of patent protection and enforcement for your invention, so that you can extract the greatest possible return on your research and development.

Specific Patent Attorney Services

Our patent attorney services include:

  • General advice and strategies regarding optimising your patent portfolio
  • Preparation of patent specifications
  • Filing and prosecuting patent applications at the Australian Patent Office
  • Filing and prosecuting international patent applications via the Patent Co-operation Treaty (PCT) and overseas patent applications via the Paris Convention
  • Advice on licensing and assigning patents
  • Assistance in applying for government grants
  • Investigating the patentability of inventions and assessing the risk of infringement of existing patent rights

Please contact Cotters to discuss how we can help turn your ideas and inventions into strategic business assets.

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