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Cotters Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys 

Cotters Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys was founded in Sydney in 2008. The firm acts for clients both locally and abroad to secure their patent, trade mark and registered design rights in Australia, New Zealand and overseas.

QANTM Group 

Since 22 May 2020, Cotters has been owned by QANTM Intellectual Property Limited (QANTM).

QANTM is a public company and listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) in August 2016 (ASX code: QIP).  For more information about the QANTM Group, go to  http://qantmip.com/about-qantm/.

QANTM Ownership Group

The standards of practice and professional conduct applying to all Australian and New Zealand registered patent and trade mark attorneys are set out in the Code of Conduct for Trans-Tasman Patent and Trade Marks Attorneys (2018) (the Code of Conduct).

The Code of Conduct recognises corporate ownership structures, and makes specific provision for ownership groups comprised of two or more incorporated patent and/or trade mark attorneys and incorporated ancillary businesses under common ownership.

Within the QANTM Group of companies, in addition to Cotters, the following businesses, which operate independently in the provision of professional services, are members of an ownership group (the QANTM Ownership Group) for the purposes of the Code of Conduct:

  • Davies Collison Cave Pty Ltd, an incorporated patent and trade mark attorney business operating in Australia and New Zealand (DCC);
  • Davies Collison Cave Law Pty Ltd, an incorporated legal practice operating in Australia (DCC Law);
  • FPA Patent Attorneys Pty Ltd, an incorporated patent attorney business operating in Australia and New Zealand (FPA); and
  • ipervescence Pty Ltd, an IP consulting and locum service, majority-owned by QANTM (ipervescence).

More detail is available at http://qantmip.com/about-qantm/qantm-ownership-group/.

Consistent with the requirements of the Code of Conduct, where a member of the QANTM Ownership Group is aware that a client of another QANTM Ownership Group member is involved in a matter before a court, tribunal, IP office or similar adjudicative body, and the clients’ interests are adverse, the QANTM Ownership Group member will only act where its client has given, in writing, its informed consent to the QANTM Ownership Group member so acting.

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what is a patent attorney
what is a patent attorney

At Cotters, we hire professional staff from diverse backgrounds. We are always interested to hear from talented people who wish to become a patent attorney or trade mark attorney, as well as paralegal staff. You are invited to send your resume in strict confidence to us.