IP Searching

IP searching is often a key step in assessing your intellectual property position. We provide a wide range of searching solutions in Australia (and other jurisdictions).

Targeted IP searching enables us to map the field of existing rights and technologies in your specific area. IP searching permits us to assess the registrability of your inventions, designs and trade marks and can also be used to help you keep up to date with your competitors’ positions and reduce the likelihood of infringing existing intellectual property rights. IP searching is an important step in the development of a new brand, design or invention.

IP Searching Services

Our IP searching services include:

  • Searches to assess the registrability of new inventions, designs or brands
  • Searches to assess potential infringement of existing patents, registered designs, or registered trade marks
  • Name searches to collect competitive intelligence regarding intellectual property rights of competitors
  • Subject matter searches to provide market intelligence concerning intellectual property activity in your industry
ip searching

Please contact Cotters to find out how IP searching can work for you.

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