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With over thirty years experience in the patent attorney profession, our senior attorneys are experts in international patent applications.

What are international patents?

An international patent is an exclusive legal right, providing coverage in different countries, preventing third-parties from creating, using, selling, and distributing your patented invention, without your express permission. International patents are governed under the World Trade Organization. All patents filed in WTO member states for any invention—including Australia—cover all fields of technology and industry, however, there can sometimes be slight variations on what can be patented, between different countries.

Looking to expand business overseas? Consider filing an international patent application—it could provide crucial protection for your product. Before submitting an international application, we can help determine if your invention or intellectual property can realistically be patented, and in which countries you will be able to successfully secure international patent protection.

How to get an international patent

Anyone who is a resident of a member country of the World Trade Organisation, including Australian individuals and organisations, can file an international patent application.

The first step is to establish if your invention or intellectual property is patentable. Your invention must be unique, new and display a discernable improvement on current processes or already patented items in the industry.

Secondly, in fields of rapid innovation, you’ll need to verify that somebody else hasn’t beat you to it. Thorough research needs to be undertaken to confirm the idea hasn’t already been patented, including searching various databases.

Finally, the patent application is submitted. It’s advisable to hire a qualified patent attorney to cover the above process, to ensure due diligence has been performed, and your idea, invention, or IP, is adaquately protected and your patent is enforceable. The team at Cotters are well versed in international patent applications, can help you both save time and secure strong legal protection, by performing the above process and helping you get the international protection you deserve.

International patent application cost

International patent costs can vary, depending on the complexity of the technology or industry. Amounts spent on a patent application can also vary on the level of protection desired by the individual or organisation—often in highly competitive markets, patent seekers allocate significant resources to obtain the best possible patent protection, to secure their position in the market.

If you want to ensure the greatest return on your time and international patent fees, our team are highly experienced in ensuring international patent applications are succesful, and even capable of ensuring you have temporary legal coverage during the application process.

How to file an international patent application in Sydney or Australia-wide

If you want international patent protection for products or intellectual property with short market life, we can help secure an innovation patent, with faster approvals than traditional patents and coverage lasts for 8-years. For long term protection, standard patents are advisable. The process can sometimes be longer, but protection can last up to 20-years. Our team of international patent attorneys at Cotters can make the process both easy and painless—with years of experience and countless successful patents secured, we can help file patent applications Sydney and Australia-wide. Call today for a free initial consultation.

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