Intangible Assets Management Sydney Australia

Every enterprise develops, owns and uses intangible assets. These intangible assets are the lifeblood of any enterprise – they effectively define the market value of that enterprise. Intangible assets management by Cotters can help you formalise the value of your enterprise.

So what are intangible assets?

Most broadly, intangibles are identifiable non-monetary assets that cannot be seen, touched or physically measured, but which provide value to your enterprise. Intangibles range from simple things such as customer lists, brands, publications and procedures, to more specialized assets such as product designs and new inventions.

A key priority for any enterprise seeking to maximize its value is to protect its intangibles. And a key platform of such a strategy is to obtain all registered intellectual property rights that align with the commercial objectives of the enterprise. Benefits of obtaining registered intellectual property rights include:

  • obtaining exclusive monopoly rights in proprietary intangible assets
  • establishing clear title to proprietary intangible assets
  • creating identifable ‘balance sheet’ assets
  • leveraging value through licensing and enforcement opportunities

Registering intellectual property rights allows intangibles to find traction in your enterprise. Cotters Patent & Trade Mark Attorneys are providing intangible assets management Sydney, Australia-wide and international. Call today for a free initial consultation.

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For more information regarding how to convert intangibles into registered intellectual property rights, please contact Cotters directly to discuss how we may assist you.